How do I track my usage if I have more than one property?

To keep life simple, we’ll combine some of the data for all your properties and keep some of it apart. Whichever makes more sense.

In your desktop account

Daily and current usage 
Your daily and current usage in kWh (kilowatt hours) for each property will be shown separately, one below the other.

The more detailed daily usage graphs under the ‘Usage’ tab will also be displayed separately. Use ‘Select Property’ on the left-hand menu on each page to drill down to see separate, detailed usage data for each of your properties.


In Powershop’s mobile app 

In the Insights graph each property is combined in one bar. You can swipe back to see each property’s graph side-by-side for previous months. The bars in the Insights graph let you see at a glance the monthly dollar cost of your power.


Daily usage
So that you don’t drown in data, we keep the detailed Daily Usage graphs apart.

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