Does Powershop offer buy-back rates for solar?

Yes we do. Wherever Powershop is available, we pay a buy-back rate to residential solar customers for excess generation exported back to the grid. We call it Sell your Solar.

How much is your buy-back rate for solar?

We pay residential customers a flat buy-back rate of 8 cents per kWh exported. We don’t currently offer business customers a buy back rate.

How do I know how much solar I am exporting?

Provided you have an approved import/export meter, we will receive data on what you are feeding back, just as we do with the electricity you use. This will display on your mobile app as a new ‘Daily export’ graph and in your desktop account as an extra heat map under the ‘Usage’ tab.


Your monthly Account Review will also show the dollar value of the power we have bought back.

How do I sign up to solar?

You don’t need to do anything different to get access to our buy-back rate and online tools. When you join Powershop (or when your system is installed if you are a current customer) we will automatically put you on the buy-back rate and your app and desktop account will update with the new export graph and heat map.

Do you work with other generation sources?

Solar is the main form of ‘distributed energy’ we support, but the same deal applies with excess power generated by residential micro-hydro or wind systems.

I’m thinking about installing solar, is it right for me?

Installing a solar system is a big decision – the up front cost is high so it’s not for everyone. There is some helpful information on these websites:

Consumer NZ
EECA energywise

Metering requirements and installation fees vary by network region, so please contact us before you install your own system.

Why is there such a difference between the buy-back rate and my usage rate?

The big difference between your usage rate and the buy-back rate (8 c/kWh) is because your usage rate includes network charges, levies, etc. The buy-back rate only includes the wholesale cost of energy (we sell your excess generation to the wholesale market on your behalf).