You’ve got the power


Welcome! We’re super stoked to have you on board.

With Powershop, you’re in control. The power is in your hands!

You can buy Powerpacks to budget, save and plan ahead. Experiment, play and make a few changes to use less and pay less, too.

Because we do things differently to other power companies there are a few things to familiarize yourself with when you first join. This section has the basics on getting the best out of Powershop.

If there’s anything else that has you pondering, you may find the answer in the other sections of the help site. Or you can call our Customer Services Centre in Masterton, 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday on 0800 462 668.

Log in to your account

You can log in to your account from your desktop or Powershop’s mobile app. For the desktop, use the password you chose when you switched. If you can’t remember it, don’t sweat! We’ll email you a link to reset your account. Haven’t downloaded the app? Get it here.

Go shopping!

To go shopping, log in to your Powershop account from your desktop or mobile app and select ‘Shop’.

We sell power in different dollar amounts called Powerpacks. This means you can buy as little or as much power as you need.

If you ever forget to shop for power or if you don’t have time, don’t panic. Powershop isn’t a pre-pay service. We won’t cut you off! We’ll simply bill you for the power you’ve used at the end of your billing period (we call this your Account Review period).

That being said, if you want to make the best savings with Powershop, regularly buying Powerpacks on special is the way to go!


Our Powerpacks come in different dollar amounts to suit your pocket and how much power you need at the time.

Buying Powerpacks allows you to save money on your Standard Power rate and is handy for budgeting and planning ahead. We sell Special Packs, Top Up Packs and Future Packs. Read more about each type of Pack.

Underneath each Powerpack you’ll see:

  • The cost of the pack (the amount you pay) and what it’s worth (based on your Standard Power cost) – making it easy to see what you’re saving
  • About how many days of power the pack should give you based on your current usage
  • Around how many dollars per day that works out to be.

What to buy?

How many/what size Powerpack(s) you buy really depends on:

  • how much you have to spend
  • your average usage
  • what’s coming up

When you put a pack in your cart, your Power Organiser will show you how many days it is likely to last.

If you budget weekly, you might buy a few smaller packs over the month. If you budget monthly, you may go for one bigger one.

If the forecast is for a cold snap or your rellies are coming to stay, you might buy more than usual.

You’ll quickly get a feel for how much power you normally use. Our online tools will also help with that. The key to saving is to grab the extra special discounted Powerpacks as they come up.

Haven’t bought enough?

Don’t worry, we won’t cut you off! If you use more power than you’ve bought, we’ll let you know. You can buy more power yourself or let us do it for you. If we buy it for you it will be at your Standard Power rate so you won’t get the savings you can make by buying the special discounted Powerpacks yourself. However your Standard Rate is still very good!

Bought too much?

The leftover power will stay in your account and go towards the cost of your power in future months.

Getting the best savings

Our Special Packs and Future Packs are discounted against your Standard Power rate.

Simple Saver
Simple Saver is one of our extra-special Special Packs. It’s available once a month and gives you a super discounted rate off your Standard Power.

The Simple Saver discount starts off at 20% in your first year then increases by 1% each year you’re with us, reaching a maximum of 25% after five years.

If you download the mobile app, you’ll receive a notification when Simple Saver is available.

Other extra-special specials
We’ll regularly surprise you with other extra-special specials as well. These are usually available for a limited time. So make sure you keep an eye on the Shop by logging in to your account regularly or download the mobile app to get notifications.

Keep up with specials by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Future Packs
Future Packs allow you to squirrel away power for the months to come. As well as helping you to spread out payments, they also have a little discount to help you save. The further out you buy Future Packs, the bigger the discount!

Paying for Powerpacks

When you confirm you want to buy your Powerpack in the Shop, the default option is to complete the transaction using your preferred payment method.

When you signed up with Powershop you will have nominated either a direct debit or credit card as your preferred payment method. You can change or edit this whenever you like by going to ‘Settings’, ‘Account Preferences’ in your desktop account.

You can also switch between preferred payment methods in our mobile app. Tap the menu then go to ‘Settings’, ‘Account Settings’.

You can override the ‘preferred payment’ option and pay using online banking. Or if you prefer to pay with cash or by eftpos you can add money to your account at any NZ PostShop using a Powershop recharge card. Read more about Powershop recharge cards.

More on payment methods

Don’t have the chance to shop or would rather be billed?

We’ll let you know if you have anything to pay on your account a few days after the end of your Account Review period. (Your Account Review period is what we call your billing period/cycle.)

You can check to see when your Account Review period is by logging in to your desktop account. The start date is circled in your Power Organiser (the calendar on the right on your ‘Balance’ page).

Read more about what happens around the time of your Account Review.

Your Account Review

Every month we’ll send you your Account Review. This is an email and attached PDF that summarises:

  • how much power you’ve used over your Account Review period
  • how much that power cost
  • what Powerpacks have been used
  • your meter reads, and
  • whether or not you still have anything to pay on your account

You can see all of your transactions and Account Reviews online under the Transactions tab.

More on what happens around the time of your Account Review

Track your usage

We have a few nifty tools to help you keep an eye on how much power you’re using and understand when you typically use the most.

Daily usage
If you have a smart meter, your daily usage graph makes it easy to see any changes in your usage at a glance. So if your usage spikes or falls dramatically you can dig a little deeper to try to find out why.

In your desktop account – you’ll find your daily usage on your ‘Balance’ page and by clicking on ‘Usage’, ‘Average daily use’.

If you have more than one property you’ll see your properties’ daily usage graphs one below the other.

Read more on how to track usage if you have more than one property.

In Powershop’s mobile app – you can access your daily usage graph by tapping the icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Current usage 
In your desktop account – above your Daily usage graph we tell you your current usage in kWh (kilowatt hours). If you have a smart meter, this is based on your average usage over the last three days. If your meter isn’t smart, your current usage will be an estimate based on your last reading. So the more meter readings you enter, the more accurate your current usage information will be.

In Powershop’s mobile app – in the mobile app your Daily usage graph has the added feature of telling you the average dollar cost per day, and the kWh (kilowatt hours) of power you’ve used each day.

Insights graph
The mobile app also has an Insights graph. The bars in the Insights graph let you see at a glance the monthly dollar cost of your power. Access the Insights graph by tapping the middle icon at the bottom of your screen.

Usage pattern
If you have a smart meter and feel like doing a bit of detective work, you can discover what times of day you use the most (and least) power – down to half hourly intervals. This means you can have a think about what you normally do at peak times of day and, if possible, make changes to be more energy efficient. You can access this tool from your desktop account. If you don’t have a smart meter you will not have this tool in your account.

Read more about understanding your ‘Usage patterns’ chart

Activity Tracker
If you want to get really clever about tracking your usage, then look no further than our Activity Tracker on the mobile app. It’s a trainspotter’s delight!

It’s also reassuringly easy to use. And we reckon it really helps you monitor, understand and, ultimately, take control of your usage.

The Activity Tracker lets you add notes to your Daily Usage graph so you can explain any spikes (or drops) in your power usage. You can use the Activity Tracker to explain past events. Or you can set it to keep track of a future time period.

You’ll find the Activity Tracker in the mobile app. Go to your Daily Usage graph and tap the stopwatch icon in the top left of your screen.

Read more about the Activity Tracker.

Words you’ll hear

Here are a few expressions you’ll regularly hear us use:

Account Review period – this is a bit like a billing cycle. We measure (and if necessary bill you for) your power usage between the start and end date of your Account Review period.

Account Review – a monthly email and attached PDF that summarises your usage, transactions, meter readings and what (if any) you have to pay. More on what happens around the time of your Account Review.

The Shop – where you go to buy Powerpacks. You can visit the Shop from your desktop account or Powershop’s mobile app.

Powerpacks – dollar amounts of power you can buy from the Shop. Buying Powerpacks is the best way to save!

Power organiser – a calendar that shows you how long your Powerpacks are likely to last based on your current usage. Find it on your Balance page in your desktop account. The start of each Account Review period is circled on your Power organiser.

Power update – a weekly email that tells you how you’re doing for power, your daily usage for that week and how that compares to the power you used the week before. You can opt out of this email from your desktop account. Go to ‘Settings’, ‘Alerts’ and untick the box next to ‘Your Powershop report’.

Standard Power – your standard rate based on your meter-set up, where you live and whether you’re a low or standard user. This is what you’ll pay when you buy Top-up Packs from the Shop or when Powershop buys power for you. More on Standard Power.

Specials – Powerpacks that give you a discount on your Standard Power.

Simple Saver – one of our extra-special Special Packs that is available once a month. More on Simple Saver.

What to expect email-wise

It’s good to talk. We’ll regularly keep in touch to let you know where you’re at with your account. We’ll also drop you a line when we’re running a promotion. This usually involves a chance to win and an extra-special Special Powerpack in the Shop.

Promotions aside, here are the emails you’ll typically get from the Powershop postie. Some of these alerts can be turned off. (No that’s ok. Really we aren’t offended!)

Power update – this weekly email tells you how you’re doing for power, your daily usage for that week and how that compares to the power you used the week before. You can opt out of this email from your desktop account. Go to ‘Settings’, ‘Alerts’ and untick the box next to ‘Your Powershop report’.

Account review coming – you’ll get this email on or a few days after the end of your Account Review period if you haven’t bought enough Powerpacks to cover your usage, or if we don’t have an up-to-date meter read. This email will tell you how long you have to log in and buy power and/or enter a meter read yourself.

More on what happens around the time of your Account Review.

Account Review – this email and attached PDF summarises your usage, transactions, meter reading and what (if any) you still have to pay. In this email we’ll let you know if when we will take money from your credit card or bank account, if you don’t log in and pay for any outstanding power and/or charges yourself.

More on what happens around the time of your Account Review.

Confirming your purchase – we’ll automatically send you a receipt every time you buy a Powerpack from the Shop. You can turn this email off any time from your desktop account. Go to‘ Settings’, ‘Alerts’ and untick the box next to ‘Purchase notification’. You’ll still get a summary of your transactions in your Account Review. You can also see your transactions under the ‘Transactions’ tab in your desktop account.